Nicole "Nikki" Lane

REALTOR® Zillow English
2305 N. Oak St. Myrtle Beach SC 29577
(843) 687-8211

Nikki Lane, Yogi Realtor

You can read the PROFESSIONAL PROFILE in the About Me section on my Home Page, but I'd like to give you an opportunity to get to know me a bit better.  

I am no stranger to working hard.  In high school (many moons ago), I held three jobs and managed to still earn good grades and have a small social life.  I am also no stranger to having fun!  Anyone who knows me well will tell you, I love to laugh!  I love to live life!  Some years ago, I was introduced to yoga and it changed the way I live my life.  Suddenly everything was something.  I learned to be mindful, to be still, and yes I got a bit more flexible, but let's face it, being able to twist your body into a pretzel is not a skill that is highly useful in everyday life.  

I love people and I love helping others live their best life, whatever that is.  As a REALTOR®, I am afforded the opprotunity to interact with people from all over the world on a daily basis.  That's a huge responsibility!  I don't just sell houses; I see every day as an opportunity to shine love and light to all I come in contact with.  There have been many times that clients have texted me and said how glad they were to have a "yogi realtor"  and that means everything to me.   Why?  Because it's confirmation that I am truly doing more than selling homes... I am having a positive affect on the people I have the honor or working with.  Someone said (couldn't tell you who... remember I said I earned GOOD grades, not great) - Leave everyone better than you found them.  Let that be my legacy!!!!

Now beyond all that yogi and mushy stuff, I am just an ordinary woman hoping to do extraordinary things.  I love to eat and I can eat WAY more than you think I can.  I love to read and sing and be outdoors with my husband.  I am a CRAZY plant lady (my husband said I'm cut off from having any more plant babies).  I am a proud mother of two amazing young men who are building their own lives now.  If I were an animal, I guess I'd be a majestically awkward unicorn.  If I were a color, it would be bright yellow.  And, if I were a food - well... I'd have to be a taco... because WHO does not LOVE TACOS!

Maybe you think me silly - but trust - I AM professional and reliable and trustworthy, but I AM NOT stuffy, disconnected or too busy for you. 

So, now you "know" me.  Follow me on social media (links at the bottom right corner of the page). 

Here are few hashtags for you....





Thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to the pleasure of getting to know you too!



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